A new home should be designed with the landscape in mind from the very beginning. The climate, the site, and the hopes and dreams of the occupants should all be taken into consideration from the onset to the conclusion. We think that the landscape process can be daunting to a lot of people. Between local and state ordinances a project is often overwhelmingly complicated. Over the years these complications have become routine for us, and this familiarity yields an ease to the entire process.

Call us and we can set up a time to talk about what your needs are.

Our Services include:

Scale landscape drawings and sketches
On location consultation
Expert trades people
Fine stone builders
Irrigation and lighting
Four season garden maintenance
Container planting

Our Products include:

Common and uncommon annuals and perennials
Trees and shrubs
Italian terra cotta and other fine pottery
Ornaments for the home and garden
Stone sculpture, walls and monuments
Organic vegetables, seedlings and produce
Soil Amendments

Fees for on-site consultations will be waived if you engage our services for the landscape design and installation. From that point on we will tailor the job to your needs; our experienced staff allows the process to begin quickly and efficiently, with personalized attention through to the end.

A word regarding event planning:

Blackrock Farm has a history of event planning, including many expansive, intricate designs and productions. We have since curtailed our acceptances to a limited number of high-end events per year. We do not offer the grounds of Blackrock as a location. Please call or e-mail for information if you are looking for extra-special attention for an event.
Blackrock Farm
Blackrock Farm
Blackrock Farm