The Farm

[Jill Hoyle]
[Jill Hoyle]

The Nursery

Our nursery is home to an array of plant matter including sun and shade perennials, dwarf and unusual conifers, trees, shrubs, grasses, alpines and vines. We are constantly researching and finding exceptional cultivars best suited to the erratic weather of the Atlantic northeast, and can give advice regarding their placement and health, or deliver and plant selections to clients’ homes.

inside the greenhouse

Our Greenhouses

We take pride in our greenhouses, in which we try to find and grow the most exciting and provocative plants we can. Succulents, orchids, tender perennials, tropicals, topiary and annuals are where a great deal of our passion lies. Years ago, when we first started, we grew everything from seed. We have tried to continue this tradition, and along with cuttings and divisions, we have compiled a stock that is both rare and beautiful.


Vegetables, Flowers, & Baked Goods

Blackrock Farm has been growing organic produce for over thirty years. This year, The Farm will have a farmstand where you can buy organic produce, fresh baked goods, flower cuttings, and more! We are excited to continue to tie the fine dining scene in Kennebunkport and southern Maine to local food producers while making organically grown vegetables available to everyone. Contact us for more information on how we can provide your restaurant or home with our wide selection of organic, fresh, and locally-sourced produce!


Video Tour of Blackrock